Peach does not require long term commitments. Our agreements are month to month and designed to give you the flexibility to dial in the service level that is right for you.  

Yes absolutely. After we gather requirements, Peach will do the initial screening interviews and schedule client follow ups with the best candidates.  Once the interviews are complete you may choose from the candidates or choose to continue searching. We are happy to keep looking until you get what you are looking for.


You also do not need to wait to meet potential candidates until after you sign up. We would like to give you as much certainty as possible before making a decision, and we are more than happy to introduce you to highly qualified, ready to work, talent before you make a commitment. 

While every peach placement is different depending on the requirements of your company a typical placement process can be completed comfortably in as little as 2-3 weeks. 

Peach placements, will have the skills and experience you would expect to find from a professional US service. It is very likely you will find that a Peach Placement will have more experience for much less than you would typically find locally, so finding a person with 10-15 years of experience and still saving on costs is highly likely. 

Peach does not require a company migrate any of there existing IT infrastructure. We will work on the systems you already have. If you do not already have systems or would like to switch to one of our recommendations we will be happy work with you on getting set up.

Peach follows strict guidelines with your confidential data. All files are stored on a secure server. No information will ever be collected or stored outside of the systems a Peach Placement is required to use through the course of their responsibilities.  

The onboarding of a Peach Placement generally looks like onboarding any other role. But here are a few details that might help you get a clear picture on how to prepare.


Some of the training will be done via documentation. Other parts are done in real-time with a video chat or phone call. We have the communication tools and file storage platforms to facilitate this part. We use Slack, a widely used business chat service that will keep you in touch with your Peach Placement for those ad hoc requests and questions.


Also we walk with the client and Peach Placement though the entire onboarding process by helping to create and organize all the documentation and facilitate check ins to be sure all items are addressed effectively.