How it works

The Peach Process

Peach believes that success is a team effort. As such a Peach success team will be involved to get both the client and the placement up to speed as quickly as possible. This team involves the professional placed, an account manager, as well as an operations manager. When you work with Peach you get a team on your side.

Peach’s process is designed to create a custom tailored placement experience for our customers. We know that every business is different and requires the right skills, talent, and personality. If your company has specific needs such as unique reporting requirements, hours of operation, industry experience, etc will ensure we find the best fit possible for you and your company.

It is important to note that Peach placements will function like an extension of your company. The more you are involved in your placement the better the integration will be for your business. It is highly recommended you are involved in each step of the process.

Step 1: Precontract requirements gathering

customer services

In this preliminary step important information is collected about your company and the role you are seeking to fill such as:

Information about the role

Information about your company

Step 2: Proposal and contract

With the information collected in Step 1 Peach will get to work on a custom proposal. Your proposals contain the following :

accounting services

Step 3: Peach Placement


Once an agreement has been reached Peach will put a professional in place to perform the work

Step 4: Kickoff and Onboarding

After a professional is put in place Peach will have a Kickoff meeting to orient placement to the new role.

Orientation for our placements:

Orientation for the client:


Step 5: Ongoing Support


After the onboarding is complete the Peach team remains in place to ensure future success.

Requirements Gathering

Our team meets with you to understand the big picture of your business. This is where we discover what you need and how we can help get you to your goals.

Candidate Acquisition

Peach searches and screens candidates for you. We bring you only the top talent that fits your needs. You then decide who you want on the team

Placement and Onboarding

Once hired, Peach will onboard them to role. You, will then begin working with them from the first day.