PeachBPO Business Budget Worksheet

Use this template to set your company’s budget. If you are an existing company budgeting for the first time use your companies prior years as starting points to then project what you expect to happen. If you are a new company use the budget to set your goals and estimate the expenses you will need to take on to get there. Don’t worry about having a fancy model with lots of formulas, just do your best to stay within the bounds of what you think is reasonable. The budget is not something you need to strictly adhere to. It is a guide to help you with your decision making throughout the year. It is more of a preparation tool than a predictive one. So feel no pressure to be 100% precise. Getting in the ballpark is what is most important.

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About Michael Howard

Prior to founding PeachBPO, Michael (or Mike) worked as a business leader in finance and analytics for 14 years. Michael started his career as an economist for the North American cement industry and has since worked as a marketing, strategy, and pricing consultant, FP&A director and most recently the CFO of an international tech start up closely partnered with Google.  Michael, attended Loyola University Chicago for his Bachelor of Business Administration and Northwestern as a graduate student in Predictive Analytics.

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