What we do

Peach helps lower costs and increase efficiency by offering dedicated bookkeeping, payroll, HR support, and customer services to businesses at rates much lower than what you will find elsewhere. We lower your costs while increasing the resources available to you. It is that simple.

With the complexity and changing business environment PeachBPO offers much needed cost saving and resource boosting measures to help owners face these new challenges with experts at their side. So let us serve you! Contact us to get a conversation started about saving you and your company substantial amounts of time and money.


Our Services

PeachBPO not only provides high quality, cost effective, experienced professionals to work on your business; we also manage every client as a tailored experience according to the unique needs of your business. Good service is not one size fits all. Business needs will not be the same even within the same franchise.

From the start of our relationship we take the time to assess the needs of your business. We develop a customized action plan to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Our project management approach to onboarding ensures deadlines are met and that the full value or our service as soon as possible. Peach focuses on four main area of business processes:





Customer services

Customer Service

Human resources

Human Resources

Business Development

Marketing and
Lead Generation

Information Technology

Web Design
and Multimedia

Social Media/Content Creation

Medical Billing and Insurance Coding

Other roles available


The bookkeeper/accountant maintains the financial records of an organization by recording transactions on a daily basis and provides financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports. Accountants and bookkeepers may have certifications such as CPA depending on the needs of the customer.


Some examples of the types of things you would expect from a Peach bookkeeper/ accountant are:


Peach bookkeepers and accountants can process payroll as part of their regular responsibilities or you can bring on a specialized payroll manager to focus on making payroll a seamless process.


Below are some examples of duties & responsibilities involved in payroll:

human resources

Professionals in this field can be generalists or may work in recruitment, payroll, and various other HR specializations.

Human resources

Below are some examples of HR rolls Peach fills:

Customer Service

A customer service representative works in a variety of capacities depending on your business needs. They work directly with customers to recommend products and services, they can handle inbound customer calls/orders, offer assistance on product or service usage, even help with outbound sales . A good customer service sales representative anticipates customer concerns and offers practical solutions to resolve them

customer services

Here are some examples of customer service roles: